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You can research artists who worked during the period by country, or you may peruse the entire artist list.  Note:  If you decide to use the time index sort, bear in mind that the date an artist is listed under reflects his/her date of birth, not necessarily their active painting period

Links to other sites; the Cooper Hewitt plates are lovely!

If you want to make your own hat, try this site (don't mind the cheesiness and the condescending attitude):

Cooking: See the show, get the recipe. Don't subscribe to Gourmet or Bon Appetit? Many of their recipes are here. Want to try something medieval? Look here.
Brewing: The man - see my article. Mead and wine recipes. More Mead recipes. Keep those recipes coming! Hey, I'll steal recipes from anywhere!
Got fruit? Don't think you know what kind of wine a fruit would make - it can be an eye-opening surprise! And don't limit yourself just to fruit; vegetables and herbs can be used as well, either with or without fruit. Experiment!

He'll tell you what you need to know without scaring you. He has a ton of experience

Misc: Lots of foolish fun. Be sure to look at every homepage, and check out Strongbad's emails. Help poetry evolve. A great research tool. Historical photos galore. OK. Imagine a TV cooking show where the host is an octopus.

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