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We specialize in non-sulfited non-grape alcoholic beverages.  
We're still learning and experimenting, so our inventory will change regularly. 
This list may contain some surprises for you. 
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!
Listed by size & from dry to sweet
750 ml: (those marked with * also in 375 ml bottles)
Sack Mead - the basic honey flavor.  Light and gentle. (currently unavailable)
Peach Melomel - a medium-dry mead with an aroma of peaches, made more complex by elderflowers.
Licorice Metheglin - a light mead with a gentle (not overpowering) licorice flavor.
Prosperity Mead 2003 - less spice, more citrus than the previous year's batch.  
     Not as sweet as our lemon-grapefruit wine.
Blackberry Melomel - the berry flavor is coming out in its own glory.
White Grape Pyment - smooth and raisiny.
Honey-Maple Mead - like syrup and toffee.
Vanilla Mead 2005 - honey and vanilla - what more do you need to know? (currently unavailable)
Grapefruit Wine - has now mellowed into a light sherry. 
Watermelon Punch Wine - bone-dry, but you'd never know.  The fruity and floral notes mark it as mellow.
Blood Orange Wine - like an orange-glazed roll, without being too sweet.
*Pomegranate Wine - pretty in pink, this wine balances pomegranate's natural astringency with 
     just the right amount of sugar, leaving a clean, fresh taste. (currently unavailable)
Cantaloupe Wine - light and slightly sherried.
*Grape Leaf Wine - a flavor that's hard to define, with notes of resin and lemon.
     If you like retsina, you'll like this.
Spiced Pumpkin Wine - like pumpkin pie, lightly spicy; made with brown sugar.
Apricot Wine - this amber liquid uses raisins to add a sherry note.
Watermelon-Strawberry Wine - a bit of both, without either overpowering the other.
Blueberry Wine - a powerful fruit flavor.
Gooseberry Wine - sweet, but the fruit's natural acidity keeps it from being cloying.
*Lemon-Grapefruit Wine - a light, sweet summer sipper.
*Blackcurrant Wine - pleasantly fruity and lightly sweet. (currently unavailable)
Mixed Berry Fortified Wine - dark and fruity, but beware! We mean fortified. 
     Add a little sugar syrup if you find the bite too tangy.
Cranberry Wine - not at all astringent, like liquid cranberry sauce, but sweeter.
Strawberry Wine - like sunset on a gentle spring day, this sweet red is pure strawberry pleasure! 
     Like drinking jam - until you try to stand up.
Rose Petal Wine - this soft pink beauty gives you nothing but its gentle caress; not a thorn in sight! 
     Carbonated in the bottle, it has a citrus flavor that's clean and fresh. (currently unavailable)

375 ml: 

Vanilla Mead 2002 - vanilla from start to finish, but clean and dry, with a slight fizz.
Raspberry Cyser - dry and gently fruity, mixing the great flavors of apple and raspberry.
Mango Melomel - you'd expect this to be cloyingly sweet, but it's not; the mango taste is subdued.
Chocolate-Mint Mead - the spearmint adds a cooling touch.
Chocolate Mead - chocolate to start, cocoa to finish, mead in-between.
Prosperity Mead 2004 - citrus and berry-flavored this year; spice has been relegated to 
     a minor note this time.
Prosperity Mead 2005 - less citrusy than the previous year.
Lemon-Ginger Metheglin - light, yet spicy; this may not cure your cold, but you'll care a lot less!
Chocolate-Raspberry Mead - raspberry adds a gentle, sweet note.
Chocolate-Strawberry Mead - the fruit, like the chocolate, is noticeable, but subtle.
Chocolate-Vanilla Mead - the most chocolate-y flavored of all the variants; add sugar syrup for 
     "candy in a glass".
Plum Melomel - a lighter plum flavor than the Japanese Plum, with a gentle honey note.
Lavender Mead - very change-of-pace, to be sipped in small quantities like a digestif; 
     its strong floral base is accented with earthy undertones of sage and rosemary.
Red Hippocras - lightly sweet with a touch of spice.
White Hippocras - lovely and light, fruity with a hint of spice.
Tomato Wine - no, it doesn't taste like pasta sauce! It's a dry white wine.
Orange Wine - leaving some of the volatile oils from the peel in gives this 
     dry wine a punch of flavor.
Tangerine Wine - oranges add another note to the flavor of this dry wine.
Pear Wine - light, dry, and crisp, the pear flavor is subtle and clean.
Honeydew Wine - dry with a gentle melon taste.
Banana-Apricot Wine - still young, but the banana gives it body.
Ginger Wine - a light dry wine, with a good ginger aroma - but have no fear, 
     its bite is gentle, not spicy hot!
Kiwi Wine - dry, with a Chablis-like flavor.
Mandarin Orange Wine - like an unoaked Chardonnay, the balance of 
     sweet and acid are well matched.
Chamomile-Violet Leaf-Lemon Verbena Wine - dry, with a light melony aftertaste.
Violet Leaf-Lemon Verbena Wine- a light, clean flavor, slightly lemony (big surprise).
Hibiscus-Violet Leaf Wine - a pleasant tea wine that's hard to define; hibiscus is floral and citrusy.
Black Raspberry Wine - slightly sweet with a bit of bite.
Fig Wine - this takes you back to the days of smoking jackets and gentlemen's clubs, 
     with notes of rum, tobacco, and roasted nuts.
Hibiscus-Lemon Verbena Wine - tastes like fruit punch when mixed as a spritzer.
Japanese Plum Wine - sweetened back to a light dessert wine, the plum flavor comes out, 
     along with a note of almond.
Watermelon Wine - definitely melony.
Watermelon-White Grape Wine - the grapes add a bit of backbone, but surprisingly make it drier.
Watermelon-Peach Wine - a light peach note balances the melon.
Watermelon-Elderberry Wine - fruity, but not flabby or cloying.
Spiced Banana Wine - dry, but gentle.
Banana, Fig, Peach, Raisin Sherry - quite a mix, but no one fruit dominates. Lightly sherried.
Hibiscus-Rosehip Wine - sweet and light, with just the right amount of crispness. (currently unavailable)
Cherry Wine - if you ever wondered what it would be like to drink cherry pie, this could be 
     your answer! This red dessert wine brings out not only cherry flavor, but also notes of almond, 
     butter, and bitter chocolate. (currently unavailable)
Pineapple Wine - for people who love pineapple - this dessert wine doesn't hint of fruit, it exclaims!
Limoncello - a sweet lemon liqueur. Don't drink this like wine - you may regret it in the morning!

In the works:
Apple Butter Cyser 
Chakra Wine 
Apple-Berry Mead 
Sack Mead 
Cherry-Vanilla Mead

Sassafras Wine
Carrot Wine
Rose Petal Wine
Raspberry Wine
If, when you try one of our wines, you find it too dry, don't be afraid to sweeten it 
in the glass with sugar syrup - we do!

If you have suggestions for wines/meads you'd like us to try, let us know!


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