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I love to cook; it's one of my favorite hobbies -- one that my friends benefit from as much as I do.  I enjoy almost all styles, forms, methods, etc. of cooking

I like to experiment; unfortunately, most recipes are not designed for one person. For main dishes, I don't mind so much; it just means I have leftovers for lunch or the next day's dinner.

Desserts are a different matter. I don't eat a lot of sweets, so if I make something, I'd have way too much left for me to eat before it went yucky. Thus, I have chosen to make them when a bunch of my friends and I are getting together; that means I can have a little piece, and make them eat the rest of the dessert (which they don't usually have a problem doing).

I'm interested in new recipes, particularly anything that would be exotic for me (i.e. not American or European) - Middle Eastern through India to China and the rest of the Far East. If you're willing to share something, great - but please, no recipes that try to make it easier by using a bunch of prepackaged/canned/frozen stuff; that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. The fewer extra processed foods with unnecessary ingredients/preservatives in it, the better. For example, I know how to cook rice - why would I want to use Minute Rice?
Because I'm willing to do my own thing, and because I didn't have enough hobbies (yeah right), I finally started to do something I'd been thinking about for over a decade: make my own wine. Why did it take so long? Because a well-meaning friend, who thought she was showing me how easily it could be done, instead only managed to convince me that I was too big a slob to be trusted doing something so sensitive to cleanliness as winemaking.
My change of heart on this started when I visited her house, and found that not only had she started down the slippery slope towards becoming a hoarder, but that she was busy dumping several batches of wine down the drain. Why? Because she hadn't bothered to keep track of them, the airlocks had dried out, and the wine had gotten oxidized and infected. I don't have much use for the "Do as I say, not as I do" school of learning, so although she had a fair amount of useful information, her place as an "authority" was entirely destroyed by this - and she wonders why no one wants to take her seriously. Duh, honey, what do you expect?

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