Rogues Gallery 2

Mike McFerran -- Dark Lord 
or Borscht Belt refugee?

Shannon Keith & Chris Roth -- 
"Can I Keep It?" Archon 2000

Bruce Hinterleitner -- 
"Waiting for Love" Archon 2000
 -- Ramona, Larry, Cathy & Steve, 
Archon 2000
 Amy Shull -- Queen of Hearts, H2K  Bruce Mai -- Man without a Mirror  Steve & Cathy's wedding; seated: Caroline, Tricia & Abby

Ryan Hinterleitner -- "Darth Mule"   Carol Luer (Taken at Pinewoods Camp "Early Music week") Chris Rowley & Cindi Gille-Rowley -- "Harry Potter & the Wood Nymph of Doom" Archon 2000

"A Waltz Through Time with Mr. Strauss" 
-- CC15 l to r: Bruce Mai, Pat Bothman, Carol Inkpen, Cathy Swope, Genie Hillen, & Pierre Pettinger. 
Seated: Karen Heim & Nora Mai. 

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