Hall Costume Awards
Wear Costumes every day! You will be rewarded!

Three separate Hall Costume Contests!!!
More than any other Costume-Con ever!!!!

( That we know of; our research wasn't really that comprehensive, 
more kind of a hunch really. )

1. Traditional Hall Costume Awards
There'll be plenty of those as well. We sort of have a reputation for 
overdoing it in the awards department. We intend to continue in that tradition. 
We believe excellence deserves recognition and we really want everyone to dress-up everyday.

Contact: Ramona Taylor 

2. Pirates - aka: the Captain's Hall Costume Contest
Saturday March 31st - ALL DAY!!!
Why Pirates? 'Cause we like pirates. How are they relevant to our CC? 

1.They wear great clothes (both Fantasy & Historical) 
2.They're always looking for a good time
3.You've heard of Music Piracy, haven't you?

(Plus it gives all of us who crew the Drunken Iguana 
a chance to trot our fancy pirate threads, yet again)
The Contest: sponsored by the Captain & Crew of the Drunken Iguana, 
there'll be a special prize for best Pirate Inspired Hall Costume.
ANY & ALL kinds of Pirates welcome.

**The winner will be announced during the SF&F Masquerade**

So keep your eyes peeled for the Crewe!!

3. Best Use of the Color Orange (on Sunday)
Sponsored by that wacky couple - Larry & Ramona - because they like ORANGE!! 
They'll be looking for you on Sunday ( that should mess with some of the
Historical stuff ). Don't know what they'll be awarding or to whom but 
it's sure to be fun!

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