General Information
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Policies & Information - Here we have our Weapons Policy, Safety Policy, Policy Policy; the serious stuff. 
Important Note: If you are planning on a rental car while in town, our event
planner warns us that there is a very large High School Science Teachers Convention
in downtown St. Louis that weekend ( no, I'm not kidding ) 
& rental cars get snapped up early.

Important Note #2: Opening Day for the 2007 Baseball Season is April 1st.
For those of you who weren't paying attention ( or didn't care ), 
the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series for 2006.
Which means even more Downtown traffic that day & even scarcer Rental cars.

Dimensions and layout have been added & all info moved to another page of
this site (click on "stage" above).
Now that you know the limits you have plenty of time to re-vamp your
entire presentation!

Hospitality Suite 
Our Hospitality suite will be in rooms 230 & 232 of the Hotel & open 
Thursday night from 7 - 11pm for early attendees to pick up their 
registration materials.
It will be hosted by Genie Hillen, who assisted Dan Hillen in running it so
adeptly for CC16. She'll be stocking name brand sodas and hearty snacks as
well as large quantities of empty calories & toasted ravioli ( a St. Louis specialty ). 
More info about Hospitality?
Hours, special hosts, etc.

Help Wanted: 
Volunteers are always needed, both now and at the con. 
So if you want to help, contact us - the contact info is at
Contact Us
Music, music, music! 
We keep bringing that up don't we? Well, here's an idea - how about a 
music source exchange? 
Sometimes you have a great idea that needs the right music (sometimes you have great music 
but can't quite develop an idea to go with it, but that's another story). 
So we're offering a music-find service. Let us know what you're looking for, whether specific title 
or general idea, and our devoted music hounds will get right on it. 
Given our eclectic tastes, the odds are in your favor! 
(And you don't have to take any of our suggestions!)

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