Our Cars part 2

More of our personal transportation



Bruce's 1994 Escort Wagon

Not real exciting, but pretty reliable.  The only year there were
no recalls on the model.

Ben at 18

Nora's 1985 Toyota Van
"Ben" (at 18)
I had this van for 11 years and I don't think there's a more reliable vehicle on the planet.
But at 18, it was going to need some major maintenance that I just couldn't afford
so I found it a new home in Mississippi with a family of four (with 2 dogs).
Ben's retired to a warmer climate and only drives to Grandma's house on the weekends.

Jack the Truck

Another view of Jack

Nora's Truck: a 1997 Ford Ranger
Pretty color, eh? They call it 'Caiman Green'. And it's a stick!
"Silly boys, trucks are for girls!"
2007 - Jack has a new home; sold to a nice young man who's an independent film maker.
Jack's got the life of Riley now!

Scion xB

Scion xB

Bruce's 2005 Scion xB
"Xiaolung" (Little Dragon)
Bruce's first and only car bought when it was new.  
For a smallish car, it's very roomy, and gets great gas mileage, too.

Nora's 2007 Dodge Caliber
"Kaiju" (Monster)
AKA: Baby Beast, Petit Kaiju, Little Kaiju
Yeah, I finally got a new car too.
Brand spanking Sunburst Orange Pearl new. 5 speed without a lot of fancy extra.
Except lighted cupholders & a "chill zone" in the glove box to keep your soda cool.
I didn't order them - they came standard.