Bruce's Dad,
the Organ Grinder

After he retired, Bruce's dad, Palmer, bought a couple of street organs. He rents himself out for community events, private parties, etc. He wears various costumes, depending on the occasion (no, we haven't made any of them). He usually plays a couple of hours or so per "gig", strolling about while playing.

His first street organ was rather large, requiring a small cart to push it about (below). Now, he has a smaller one that he can carry hanging from a strap around his neck.

at the Botanical Garden

at the mall

at the Galleria

at the Galleria

Palmer uses a toy bear riding a unicycle on a tightrope to entertain the crowd.

Everyone always asks, "Where's your monkey?". The truth is, neither Bruce's mom (nor his dad) want a monkey in the house to have to take care of!